18th June 2017



In the novel, The Great Gatsby illusion is consistently used throughout. It mostly revolves around the American dream and how unrealistic it is. In the novel, there are two classes of people the rich and the poor, but both sides are overcome by the belief of the American dream. those they live is the Valley of Ashes are the not so fortunate people but yet they still believe that “life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement”. but it’s all an illusion they believe that if they work hard and get enough fame/popularity this is what they will get but are let down immensely when weeks turn into months and months turn to years and they haven’t had any progress in the matter. Those who are rich have quite the opposite they believe that they are living the American dream with all the popularity and the materialistic object that take over their lives when in actual fact they are living a selfish shallow life full with parties and drunkenness the lead to affairs and secrets. But slowly as it continues their life isn’t so good and it begins to crumble then their secrets turn to lies and in the end, the aren’t happy at all and they are blinded by this image that the feel they have to portray.


I think as teenagers we are all consumed by illusion in school. The students who are high achievers get the attention and the praise but those that are struggling and pushed to the side feeling like they are dumb which pushes their confidence down. We believe that we have to be smart and that the only way we will get anywhere in life is if we are gaining excellence it gets to a point where students don’t want to share their grades because they are worried that others will judge them and that they will be thought of as dumb when in actual fact everyone is smart enough to do anything it’s just the amount to focus and if they teaching style that’s being used is right for them.


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